Creative Director, Possible Moscow, Russia

Maryam Akhunova, Creative Director at Possible Moscow. In advertising since 2009, in digital since 2012.

Created a first dynamic sticker pack that lets you adopt pets right from the telegram. 

Together with helped dozens of people get a paid day-off to watch all the tv shows they missed.

Let people follow the follow-me-to in an immersive journey through China in search of the ancient secrets of new Colgate products.

Helped 1300 families partly pay back their debts & mortgages by converting their moves & activity into real money in the NEPOTEKA project.

Made a trailer of a non-existing movie and produced a real board game based on a real movie.

Created a mobile game for kids based on a cartoon that got more than a million downloads without a single promotion.

She has been responsible for creating and implementing campaigns for clients such as лю. Video, Burger King, Colgate, Palmolive, Hills, Milka, Rexona, Tuborg,, Flash up energy, Petrovych, Touch Bank, Aperol, Oreo, Axe, Max, Winston, LD, Ahmad tea, Martini, Chudo detka, Brooke Bond, 7 up, Alpen Gold, Home Credit Bank, Clearasil, Veet.

Awards: Webby Awards, White Square, Tagline, Wow Done Awards, Silver Mercury.